Awards to the Royal Canadian Navy 
    DATE                                NAME                                                     RANK                         DECORATION              _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    30/11/38a       PREEDY, Henry Tupper                    Paymaster LCdr                     RD
    23/11/38a       O'DOWD, John Adolph                        Paymaster LCdr                    RD
    22/03/39a       MacDONALD, Charles Hibbert            LCdr                                      RD
    16/06/40a       WILLIAMS, Clifford George               Chief Skipper                         RD
    29/01/41a       HINCHCLIFFE, Cecil Irving               LCdr (E)                        OBE RD
    30/07/42a       BROMLEY, Cyril Herbert                   LCdr                                       RD
    09/01/43a       BORRIE, Geoffrey                            Cdr                                        RD
    24/12/42a       SWANSBURG, Robert Irwin               A/Captain                              RD
    20/02/43a       de MARBOIS, Jean Maurice              Captain                (CBE) OBE RD
    24/05/43a       MORE, Francis Edward                    Lieutenant                              RD
    09/07/43a       DESLAURIERS, Joseph Joachim        LCdr                                       RD
    02/07/43a       REDFORD, Walter                            LCdr                                      RD
    06/07/43a       SKINNER, Edgar George                    Cdr                                DSC RD
    28/07/43a       HARRIS, Roland Fraser                     Cdr                                DSC RD
    27/09/43a       ROBERTSON, Owen Connor Struan     Cdr                         (OC) GM RD
    05/11/43a       KING, Albert George                                      LCdr                                     RD
    06/12/43a       BEDARD, Joseph Achille Lucien         Skipper Lt                            RD
    25/03/44a       HENDERSON, Archibald Morrison       LCdr                                      RD
    24/04/44a       MORRELL, Arthur Truman                  LCdr                                      RD
    07/09/44a       LAMBKIN, James Montague               LCdr                                      RD
    17/05/44a       DIVER, John Lewis                                        LCdr                                      RD
    07/12/44a       MARSHALL, Jack Ernest Montague    A/Cdr                                      RD
    07/12/44a       BOGGS, Charles Reginald                Paymaster LCdr                     RD
    23/12/44a       STEPHEN, George Hay                     Cdr                    (OBE) DSC* RD
    23/12/44a       CLARK, Norman Vincent                    Cdr                                 OBE RD
    02/01/44a       BAUGH, Gerald Osmsby                             A/Cdr                             OBE RD
    19/01/45a       WALLACE, Dickson Carlile                Cdr                                OBE RD
    15/03/45a       CARR, William James Guy               LCdr                                         RD
    24/04/45a       RATTENBURY, Nelson                    A/Cdr                                         RD
    20/04/45a       MacDUFF, Thomas                         LCdr                                          RD
    17/05/45a       MOORE, James Edwin                    Skipper Lt                                 RD
    10/08/45a       LANGILLE, James Hope                   Lieutenant                                RD
    17/01/46a       HALLIDAY, William Charles              A/Cdr                               OBE RD
    05/04/46a       SILLETT, Alfred Samuel Edgar         A/Cdr (S)                                   RD
    06/05/46a       ABBOTT, Ira Elmer                         Skipper Lt                                  RD
    02/05/46a       NORTHRUP, Harold Raymond           A/Captain                         OBE RD
    15/02/46a       GRANT, Colin Ernest                       Cdr (S                                       RD
    XX/XX/XX        COOPER, Edward John                   Cdr                                     (CM) RD
    NOTE:  These may not be all the awards of the RD and VRD but they are the ones for which I could find data.  Corrections/Updates with dates of award and verification of award are appreciated. 
    DATE                   NAME                                                                           RANK            Number            DECORATIONS        
    12/07/38a       CONNOLLY, Joseph Patrick                   Commander                -----          OBE  MC VRD
    10/07/38a       PETTIGREW, Joseph Claude Achille      Commander                -----                     KC VRD
    10/07/38a       McLEOD, Athol Blair                             Commander                -----                           VRD
    10/08/38a       HALL, Aubrey Tatton                             Commander                -----                           VRD
    27/12/38a       CONQUER, Stanley Frederick                Paymaster LCdr          -----                           VRD
    10/06/39a       McCALLUM, Archie                               Surgeon Cdr               -----                  OBE VRD
    02/05/42a       SHEDDEN, William Geoffrey                  Commander                -----                           VRD
    24/02/43a       GRANT, Donald Alexander                     LCdr                                                           VRD
    20/02/43a       FRAZER, Conan Rudyard                       Cdr                                                              VRD
    24/02/43a       DONALDSON, Charles Edward McArthur  LCdr                                                            VRD
    18/03/43a       BALFOUR, Harold Wilson                      LCdr                                                   OBE  VRD
    31/03/43a       CROSS, Paul Barbour                           Cdr                                                      OBE VRD
    13/04/43a       ANDERSON, Alegeo Lloyd                     A/Cdr                                                  OBE VRD
    22/05/43a       PONDER, Russell Porter                       A/Cdr                                                            VRD
    22/10/43a       ORDE, Edward Theodore Cowper            Temp Cdr                                                    VRD
    14/10/43a       BEAMENT, Thomas Harold                     Temp A/Cdr                                                VRD
    13/12/43a       SHAVER, Everett Phelps                                   A/Cdr                                                           VRD
    13/12/43a       WILSON, James Sunderland                   LCdr                                                            VRD
    17/01/44a       NARES, Hilary George                           Cdr                                                              VRD
    15/01/44a       PRICE, Frederick Avery                         Cdr                                                    OBE  VRD
    21/01/44a       PICKERSGILL, Normal Loris                   LCdr                                                            VRD
    07/02/44a       JACKSON, Reginald 'Cowboy'                 LCdr                                                            VRD
    05/04/44a       HOSE, Walter John Frederick                 LCdr                                                            VRD
    08/05/44a       BUNTAIN, George Henry                        LCdr                                                             VRD
    26/04/44a       CONNELLY, John Joseph                       Cdr                                                               VRD
    22/05/44a       BONNYCASTLE, Charles Humphrey         Cdr                                                               VRD
    13/06/43a       BROCK, Ernest Reginald                        Capt                                                     CBE VRD
    07/11/44a       BROCK, Eustace Alexander                   Capt                                                      CBE VRD
    19/01/45a       ATWOOD, Lorenzo Lysons                     A/Cdr                                                             VRD
    17/05/45a       PIERS, Charles Robert Fitzmaurice         LCdr                                                              VRD
    07/08/45a       GREEN, Charles Victor                          Construction Cdr                                           VRD
    21/11/45a       ROWLANDS, James Henry                      LCdr (S)                                                         VRD
    08/02/46a       HOOD, Thomas                                     Cdr                                                                VRD
    06/05/46a       MAGNUSSON, Norman John                   Cdr                                                                 VRD
    02/12/46a       McCRIMMON, Gordon Findlay                 Cdr                                                                VRD
    01/10/48a       DUNSMORE, Robert Lionel                     Cdr (SB)                                                        VRD
    08/07/49a       BROWN, George Albert                          Cdr                 0-9420                                    VRD
    02/03/50a       HENDY, Robert Ian                                Cdr                 0-32420                           QC  VRD
    04/05/51a       WHITE, Richard Paul                             Cdr (T )          0-77510                         OBE  VRD
    06/06/51a       JACKSON, Reginald                              Capt               0-36030                         OBE  VRD
    10/02/53a       JOHNSON, Bernard Leithc                     Capt                0-36740                         CBE  VRD
    14/08/53a       PROWSE, Lemuel Ewart                        Surg Cdr         0-60430                                   VRD
    18/03/55a       WARDEN, A.R.                                     LCdr                0-76073                                   VRD
    24/02/56a       PEERS, Anthony Loudon                                  Surg Cdr         0-58322                                    VRD
    20/06/56a       JOHNSTONE, David Walker                  Surg Capt        0-37100                          OBE  VRD
    21/11/56a       DUCKWORTH, John Walter Adam           Surg Cdr          0-26937                                    VRD
    11/12/56a       DORMAN, Donald Bertram                     LCdr (S)           0-20290                                    VRD
    07/01/57a       LALONDE, Adrien                                LCdr                 0-40000                                    VRD
    11/12/57a       DELVIN, John                                      LCdr (L)           0-18990                                    VRD
    10/03/59a       CHIPMAN, William Pennock                  Cdr                   0-13580                                    VRD
    23/08/60a       ROSS, Andrew William                         Cdr                  0-63540                       (OMM)  VRD
    22/09/60a       SMITH, James Colin                             LCdr                0-68161                                    VRD
                              POOLE, Francis                                   Capt                                                                  VRD
     NOTE:  These may not be all the awards of the RD and VRD but they are the ones for which I could find data.  Corrections/Updates with dates of award and verification of award are appreciated. 


ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY RESERVE LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL DATE NAME RANK NUMBER DECORATIONS 06/12/38a BOUFFARD, Alphonse Ch Engineman C-25 --- 05/01/39a WOODS, William S. Leading Seaman D-48 --- 10/02/39a HERBERT, R. Chief Stoker D-52 --- 06/05/39a CHOADLUM, L.G. Stoker 1 D-241 --- 13/03/40a MacDONALD, J.A. Ch Engin D-129 --- 21/02/40a THOMPSON, Charles H. Stoker D-131 --- 11/07/40a WILLIAMS, Clifford George Chief Skipper ----- --- 23/11/41a BURT, F.J. AB C-124 --- 03/09/42a GINGRAS, B. SPO D-55 --- 30/10/42a ROSE, N.M.E. CERA A-118 --- 02/02/43a JORDAN, E.E. AB C-178 --- 22/02/43a SMITH, C.D. CERA C-176 --- 19/02/43a BROOME, J.W. AB C-180 --- --/--/43a McVEAN, M.C. CERA C-153 --- 27/09/43a WINN, Jack Woolford A/PO B-232 --- 08/10/43a CAHILL, A. Stoker PO C-181 --- 26/04/43a DARACHI, G. LS B-256 --- 22/10/43a ROWLAND, J.A. Chief Stoker B-245 --- 27/09/43a BERNAYS, Max Leopold CPO C-321 CGM 24/11/43a TEMPLE, E.M. PO A-395 --- 05/12/43a DEACON, Henry Albert George CERA C-139 --- 06/12/43a HOUDE, Louis Joseph Eugene Germain Skipper Lt ----- --- 02/02/44a GALLEY, Frank Wt Eng ----- --- 27/01/44a BLOUIN, Josephat Chief Skipper ----- --- 18/02/44a CLOUTIER, Jean Paul Chief Skipper ----- --- 18/02/44a DESPUIS, Louis Gerard Fabian Lieutenant (E) ----- --- 18/02/44a VIGNEAU, Joseph Marie Louis Claude Chief Skipper ----- --- 22/03/44a HICKEY, Lester Anton Skipper Lt ----- MBE 04/04/44a EMERY, A.J. Chief Stoker B-231 --- 10/06/44a CLOUTIER, Jean Louis Chief Skipper 0-14460 --- 08/06/44a WHEELER, James Henry PO B-352 BEM 29/06/44a NOBLE, C.E.G. PO B-286 --- 23/07/43a PELLETIER, J.R. PO B-237 --- 21/09/43a GAGNE, J.A.M. CPO B-241 --- 10/07/44a MORGAN, Frederick Joseph Ldg Signalman B-284 --- 10/07/44a BENDER, Joseph Louis Michael Albert Skipper ----- --- 18/08/44a BOLDUC, Joseph Lazariate Warrant Engineer ----- --- 29/06/44a VEZINA, Joseph Eudore Napoleon Skipper B-244 --- 20/09/44a WARBURTON, Robert William PO A-298 --- 16/10/44a McVEAN, M.E. Duplicate ------- --- 19/10/44a MORRIS, J.A. CERA B-259 --- 09/11/44a REID, W.W. PO B-256 --- 25/11/44a LEE, A.H. Ch Stoker B-351 --- 27/01/45a RACETTE, J.G. Stoker PO B-216 --- 19/02/45a POOLE, N.C. Stoker PO B-247 --- 14/03/45a DOUGLAS, J. PO B-327 --- 07/04/45a McLEAN, J.P. Stoker PO C-155 --- 26/06/45a LAMBERT, Leopold Joseph PO B-260 BEM 26/06/45a BASTEIN, L.J.O. CPO A-299 --- 10/10/45a BOYD, J.J. CPO A-608 --- 04/10/45a ANDERSON, J.J. CPO A-368 --- 08/01/46a McDONALD, C. LS A-636 --- 22/02/46a COLLIER, Garfield Skipper Lt ----- --- 07/03/46a PICARD, Phillipe Skipper Lt ----- --- 06/10/51a CLARK, R.L. Stoker PO B-218 --- CLASP to RCN RESERVE LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL DATE NAME RANK NUMBER DECORATIONS 25/08/47a THOMPSON, Charles H. Stoker 1 D-131 ---



DATE                       NAME                                             RANK                        NUMBER     DECORATIONS                           

12/07/38a       JEFFRIES, Joseph L.                CPO                             61666         ---
13/07/38a       McINNES, Eddie                           Ldg Vict. Asst              10025         ---
13/07/38a       McINNES, William C.            Chief MM                     10013         ---
15/07/38a       LAFLAMME, Jean                 Ch Yeoman of Sig       3106           ---
15/07/38a       LAVESTUE, Paul                  LS                               3085           ---
15/07/38a       BALL, James                       Stoker PO                   9018           ---
15/07/38a       WILLIAMS, Charles R.                Ldg Telegraphist        9043           ---
15/07/38a       PRESTON, George O            Victualling PO            1007           ---
21/07/38a       BROMLEY, Leonard R.           CPO                           6043           ---
05/09/38a       COATES, Thomas A.             Chief Engineman       9035           ---
07/09/38a       ANTHONY, Reginald A.             PO Cook (S)               7012            ---
07/09/38a       O'LEARY, Timothy                PO                              7087           ---
07/09/38a       MacDONALD, Alexander M.   PO                              9033            ---
07/09/38a       SCANLON, Emerson              LS                               7112           ---
07/09/38a       JUDGES, Henry                             Stoker PO                   7062           ---
22/09/38a       ROBINSON, John J.                    LS                               9382            ---
26/09/38a       GOULD, Louis                               CPO                             7040           ---
16/11/38a       SOLTICE, Michael                      AS                                13082         ---
16/11/38a       WRIGHT, Cecil L.                       AS                                13069          ---
07/11/38a       PROWSE, Carl R.                 LS                               1130            ---
21/11/38a          BROWN, Harry Porter           Ymn of Signals            V-14216      ---
09/12/38a       McCOY, Clarence E.                   LS                               2010            ---
09/12/38a       MacDAID, Robert I.                      LS                               2116            ---
09/12/38a       McLEOD, Rodney H.                   Telegraphist               2127            ---
08/07/38a       STUART, William C.                  Chief MM                     12058         ----
09/07/38a       PEGNEM, John C.                       PO                               4019           ---
08/11/38a       EARL, Hubert G.                          PO                                9212           ---
11/01/39a       DAVEY, Henry                              LS                                 1071           ---
11/01/39a       CONNOLLY, Leonard                 AS                                1023           ---
16/03/39a       WILSON, J.A.                                LS                                9196           ---
23/03/39a       MOTTS, Victor Frederick      Yeoman of Sig            9228            BEM
06/04/39a       LOVE, W.                                         Engineman                 8 030           ---
22/03/49a       MOFFET, J.J.                               CPO2                          R-2041        ---
22/03/49a       McQUEEN,W.S.                    CPO2                          R-263          ---
14/06/49a       ESSEX, S.R.                                  PO                               R-2180        ---
18/08/49a       GOTHARD, H.                               CPO2                          R-137           ---
28/10/49a       VALLIE, C.E.                                 CPO2                          R-1022         ---
20/12/49a       HAVILAND, W.B.                          ERA3                          A-2240         ---
11/02/50a       TUPLIN, E.R.                                 PO1                            A-651           ---
07/06/50a       DONALDSON, R.C.               PO                             R-914           ---
10/07/50a       COSTELLO, A.                             P1TC                          R-2299         ---
22/08/52a       MILLINGTON, W.L.                     P2SM2  (Replace)     R-202           ---
03/10/52a       SCRIVENS, C.B.                          P1(NG)                       RX-2534       ---
09/12/52a       DEACON, P.D.                              C1SM3                       R5307          ---
03/03/54a       DORAN, P.J.                                 P1MM2                       R5403          ---
08/03/55a       HAYWOOD, H.R.                         -----------                        R-8959          ---
22/03/55a       McNAUGHTON, D.R.                 -----------                        R-402            ---
08/09/55a       SIMPSON, J.M.                           -----------                        R-569            ---
26/11/57a       RUMMER, A.W.                            PO                             A-3879          ---
12/02/59a       LAFONTAINE, G.H.                  ----------                          R2255           ---


DATE                        NAME                                 RANK                                    NuMBER             DECORATIONS                              

29/05/45a          BROWN, Harry Porter      Chief Yeoman of Signals       V-14216                       ---
03/01/49a       BURCH                                                                                  R-249                           ---
17/01/52a       GALLO                                                                                  R-135                            ---
27/10/54a       COAKES                                                                              R-1775                          ---
28/08/56a       CORDY                                                      R-206                            ---
13/11/57a       GILRAINE
                                                                            R-143                            ---


                    CLASP to the RCN LONG SERVICE and GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL

DATE                  NAME                                                  RANK                               NUMBER                DECORATIONS                          
26/03/46a       PRATT, John David                CERA                                X-21317                   BEM
07/06/46a       JOSLIN, J.R.                                  RPO                                  X-2141                        ---
17/08/51a       CRISP, N.W.                                   C2MR3                              2642-E                        ---


                                        RCN LONG SERVICE and GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL
DATE                       NAME                                                                             RANK                                      NUMBER                    DECORATIONS                          

20/09/27a       PENTECOST, William T.P.                        PO Instructor                               6129                                  ---
20/09/27a       HILL, Charles James T.                                           CPO                                            256                                   BEM
20/09/27a       RAVEN, Frank G.                                                        PO 1                                           2055                                   ---
20/09/27a       BURCH, Charles Philip                                            PO 1                                            2016                                   ---
20/09/27a       BENNALLACK, Nicholas J.G.                               Ch Yeoman of Sig                       61397                                 ---
20/09/27a       WILKINSON, John                                                      CERA 1                                       20180                                  ---
20/09/27a       SHARP, John M.                                       CERA 1                                       61392                                  ---
20/09/27a       BLACKIE, Charles E.                                                CERA 1                                       20200                                  ---
20/09/27a       BLIGHT, Bertram J.                                                   CERA 2                                       20226                                  ---
20/09/27a       POUNDER, William E.                                             Chief Stoker                                21007                                   ---
20/09/27a       FARLEY, William                                                       Chief Stoker                                21052                                   ---
20/09/27a       PRATT, John David                                                  Stoker PO                                   61540                                   ---
20/09/27a       COPELAND, Henry G.                                              CPO Cook                                  40190                                    ---
20/09/27a       WARSKETT, Fred T.                                                Ch Off's Steward                        40290                                    ---
20/09/27a       WRAGG, George Frederick                                   Ch Elect Art 1                             40104                                    ---
20/09/27a       PARKER, Albert W.                                                   CPO                                           1898                                       ---
20/09/27a       SHILSTON, George                                                   A/CPO                                        61620                                   MBE
20/09/27a       ARMSTRONG, Robert W.                                       PO 1                                           2032                                        ---
20/09/27a       JOHNSON, John B.                                                   PO 1                                           61619                                     ---
20/09/27a       TAYLOR, Walter I.                                                    PO 1                                           2060                                        ---
20/09/27a       FISHER, George                                                        A/PO                                           2168                                        ---
20/09/27a       DRAYTON, William G.                                            AS                                              2133                                        ---
20/09/27a       READING, Harry                                                         Ch Yeoman of Sig                      59                                            ---
20/09/27a       TEMPLE, John H.                                                      Stoker PO                                  61617                                      ---
20/09/27a       EVELL, Archibald W.J.                                           CPO Writer                                40297                                       ---
20/09/27a       FILEWOOD, Clement                                               Sick Berth CPO                        40045                                       ---
20/09/27a       METTERS, Richard H.                                            CPO Cook                                 40070                                       ---
20/09/27a       BRAY, Alfred T.                                      PO Cook                                    40294                                       ---
20/09/27a       VOSPER, William P.                                               Off's Steward 1                          40299                                       ---
20/09/27a       MILNE, Charles P.                                                    Off's Steward 1                          40188                                       ---
04/11/27a       FORD, Frank W.                                                        Vict CPO                                   40075                                       ---
04/11/27a       ANSLOW, John C.A.                                  PO 1                                          2084                                         ---
19/05/28a       KINCH, George H.                                                     PO Instructor                             61638                                       ---
28/09/28a       ROWE, Charles W.                                                   Off's Steward                            40056                                        ---
28/09/28a       FINLAY, George                                                        CPO Writer                                40220                                        ---
20/09/27a       LAMB, Henry                                                               Stoker PO                                 61587                                        ---
06/11/28a       GIRDLESTONE, Thomas H.                                 Yeoman of Sig                          61514                                        ---
08/03/29a       WATSON, Albert E.                                                 CPO                                          161                                             ---
08/03/29a       PENWARM, Bertram G.                                          Off's Steward 1                         40291                                         ---
04/05/29a       TAYLOR, William A.                                               PO 1                                          2028                                          ---
12/09/29a       BOSTICK, Alfred A.                                                 Off's Steward 2                         40252                                        ---
23/09/29a       JOSLIN, Jason R.                                                     AS                                             2141                                          ---

                                          RCN LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL
WW2 DATE NAME RANK NUMBER DECORATIONS 29/10/29a HOWE, William Stoker PO 21130 --- 23/12/29a DAY, Bertram Francis Chief Shipwright 40246 MBE 14/08/30a HENN, William P. AS 194 --- 22/11/30a FRASER, Roy Beckwith CERA 2 20199 --- 22/11/30a HAYHOE, George Off's Steward 40296 --- 26/12/30a McMASTER, Samuel CERA 21143 OBE 26/12/30a ROSS, Herbert Stoker PO 20988 --- 21/01/31a BILES, Frank B. Off's Steward 40243 --- 01/01/30a McLEAN, Duncan ERA 1 61607 --- 25/02/31a MELHUISH, William Stoker PO 21107 --- 02/05/30a PEARSON, Sydney R. ERA 2 21053 --- 08/04/31a RANDALL, Frederick C. Sick Berth CPO 40216 ---- 09/06/31a ROBINSON, George AS 2094 --- 05/07/31a POWELL, Joseph H. Chief Stoker 21129 --- 15/06/31a JONES, John Thompson CERA 1 20574 --- 12/09/31a SALTER, Victor Henry PO 2030 --- 04/12/31a EAST, Henry Master-at-Arms 40217 --- 16/12/31a TUNNACLIFFE, James Sick Berth PO 40356 MBE 28/12/30a MASON, John Edward Thomas PO 2067 --- 10/12/31a SCOBLE, John William Percival CERA 20715 --- 13/12/31a BUCKINGHAM, George Vict PO 40233 --- 09/11/31a HILL, William John CPO 2024 --- 14/03/32a FINMORE, Harold J. Stoker PO 21135 --- 11/06/32a HARDY, Albert CPO 2546 --- 11/06/32a JARRETT, Ernest Stoker PO 21102 --- 03/08/32a EMERY, John E. Stoker PO 20354 --- 07/09/32a WILTSHIRE, Ernest P. Shipwright 61603 --- 12/11/32a FREEMAN, Arthur George CPO 2595 --- 03/02/33a RUEBAN, Arnold Horace CERA 21127 --- 03/02/33a DENNISTON, James CPO Telegraphist 2203 --- 03/02/33a ENGELBRCHT, (Widberg) L. PO 2015 --- 18/02/33a KERR, George Off's Steward 2 2022 --- 31/05/33a DAWSON, John B. Ordnance Art 2 21191 --- 11/07/33a BURNS, Thomas C. Off's Chief Cook 40228 --- 25/07/33a MAYNE, Herbert William Chief Ord Art 2 21262 MBE 23/08/33a BRERELTON, John H.P. Able Seaman 2126 --- 21/05/33a MANNETTE, Thomas Officer's Cook 2 40179 --- 10/08/33a DUNN, R.A. CPO 1942 --- 10/11/33a CASPER, John E. Stoker PO 21014 --- 11/10/33a GIBBONS, George F. Stoker PO 21024 --- 07/02/34a WALTON, Maurice Henry John Stoker PO 21074 --- 04/07/34a ROSE, John W. Off's Steward 1 40250 --- 14/08/34a TATE, James H. CPO 2061 --- 12/11/34a KIRKER, Alexander T. Able Seaman 2103 --- 17/12/34a O'BRIEN, Aaron A. Stoker PO 21115 --- 17/12/34a HYTE, Alexander CERA 1 21015 --- 10/01/35a RUNDLE, Alfred Campbell CERA 2 21047 --- 10/01/35a SOPER, Norman John Stoker PO 21047 --- 25/01/35a TAPPER, Sydney CERA 2 21037 --- 04/02/35a THORNE, Uriah George LS 1974 BEM 07/01/35a BETTS, John A. Yeoman of Sig 1850 --- 25/03/35a PRITCHARD, N.C. LS 2610 --- 06/02/35a MacNAMARA, J.C.P. Ldg Telgraphist 2612 --- 05/06/35a UTTERIDGE, Jonathan Martin CERA 21158 --- 23/05/35a McKAY, Colin Electrical Art 40272 --- 10/06/35a CORRY, C.L.W. Victualling PO 40275 --- 28/12/35a VENTHAM, Richard John Patrick Chief Elect Art 40368 --- 28/12/35a FREEMAN, Frederick CPO 1877 --- 28/12/35a PEMBER, Wilfred Master-at-Arms 2613 MBE (CD) 28/12/35a THOMAS, Herbert Chief Stoker 21151 ---

                                              RCN LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL

DATE                       NAME                                                                             RANK                                      NUMBER                    DECORATIONS                          

20/03/36a       HILTON, Joseph                                                             LS                                            1988                                     ---
01/04/36a       RAINES, Frederick Arthur                                          Ch Shipwright 2                      40203                                    ---
05/04/36a       CHALK, A.E.                                                                     Chief Stoker                            21105                                    ---
13/04/36a       MacDOUGALL, H.S.                                                      CPO                                        1928                                      ---
26/03/36a       BREWER, Henry J.                                                        Chief Stoker                            20993                                    ---
13/05/36a       THOMPSON, William                                                   Leading Stoker                        21098                                    ---
16/05/36a       COOPER, Philip                                         CPO Steward                          40185                                    ---
27/04/36a       JONES, Walter Victor                                                  Chief Stoker                            21122                                    ---
21/06/36a       BRIDGEHOUSE, Godfrey William                          Elect Artificer                          40251                                    ---
15/07/36a       MASSINGHAM, Frederick Robert                           PO                                           1857                                      ---
21/10/36a       CRISP, Nelson W.                                                         AS                                            2642                                      ---
21/10/36a       STEWART, Harry                                                           Victualling CPO                      40268                                    ---
13/10/37a       SANDEVER, Fred S.                                                     PO                                          1853                                       ---
13/10/37a       CARVEN, Joseph W.                                                     Telegraphist                           2036                                      ---
13/10/37a       HAYDEN, A.F.                                                                 Stoker PO                               21128                                     ---
13/10/37a       MacDONALD, Malcolm Ronald                                CERA 2                                   21176                                     ---
13/10/37a       BRENNAN, John P.                                                       Stoker 1                                   21173                                    ---
13/10/37a       LIPSCOMBE, George                                                   Yeoman of Signals                 2263                                       ---
13/10/37a       BRIGGS, F.                                                                       PO Telegraphist                    1992                                       ---
09/10/37a       RAWLEY, H.                                                                     CPO Telegraphist                  1874                                       ---
13/10/37a       CRANIDGE, W.R.                                                           Stoker 1                                  21116                                     ---
13/10/37a       FOSTON, P.W.R.                                                          Stoker PO                               21132                                     ---
13/10/37a       HOPE, W.J.                                                                     Stoker PO                               21153                                     ----
13/10/37a       PATTISON, R.R.                                        PO Telegraphist                     1870                                        ---
13/10/37a       GLEAVE, Peter Aubrey Ronald                              Stoker CPO                             40261                                     ---
29/12/37a       GOODYER, Alfred Edward                                       CPO Cook (S)                         40235                                      ---
25/01/38a       BUDD, Frank Edward                                                  Stoker PO                               21154                                      ---
25/01/38a       CRAIG, David W.                                                           Stoker PO                              21131                                      ---
03/03/38a       PETTERSSON, John Samuel                                  CPO                                       2183                                        ---
03/03/38a       GREGORY, Ralph E.                                                   LS                                          1867                                         ---
07/04/38a       BINGHAM, Edward J.B.                                             CPO                                        1998                                        ---
12/04/38a       LAPHEN, Frederick W.                                               Chief Plumber                         40249                                     ---
04/07/38a       EISON, Ross Douglas                                                CPO Cook (S)                         40247                                      ---
02/07/38a       ROBINSON, Bruce Edwin                                         PO                                          20342                                      ---
10/08/38a       BARK, Charles Edmond                                             Sick Berth PO                         40329                                     ---
20/09/38a       PEARCE, George Henry Charles                           PO                                           2414                                       ---
20/09/38a       STUBBINGTON, Edward Walter                            Ch Yeoman of Sig                   1977                                       ---
30/09/38a       BRYSON, William George                                       PO Cook (O)                            40323                                     ---
28/10/38a       McDONALD, Charles                                                  CPO                                          2056                                      ---
15/12/38a       COCHRANE, Eion Hastie                                         LS                                             1951                                       ---
23/12/38a       ARCHER, George                                                         CPO                                          2556                                      ---
20/03/39a       ANDERSON, Arthur                                                     AB                                             1908                                      ---
06/02/39a       LEACH, William Douglas                                         Ch Shipwright 2                        40242                                  MBE
28/01/39a       PRICE, J.R.                                                                    PO                                             2082                                      ---
10/02/39a       HARVEY, F.D.                                                               CPO Cook (S)                           40302                                    ---
21/02/39a       McNUTT, L.                                                                   Yeoman of Sig                           1972                                      ---
21/02/39a       AMER, George                                                              Master-at-Arms                          1948                                      ---
24/02/39a       SWETNAM, P.                                                               PO                                             2081                                      ---
07/03/39a       WELLFARE, Robert John                                         PO                                             2535                                      ---
04/03/39a       McCARVELL, J.H.                                                       CPO Cook (S)                            40194                                    ---
14/03/39a       OCKENDEN, H.E.                                                        Ch Shipwright 2                         40265                                    ---
16/03/39a       EDWARDS, A.C.                                                          Stoker 1                                      21162                                    ---
21/03/39a       WILLIAMS, J.                                                               Stoker PO                                   21163                                    ---
27/03/39a       INGRAM, J.W.                                                             Stoker PO                                   21150                                    ---
31/03/39a       FEATEAU, Paul Alfred                                            Leading Writer                            40267                                    ---


Captain(N) Andy Ross, OMM, VRD, CD