Awards to the Royal Canadian Navy 
                                          ' U '

UDELL, Frank Ernest Kane, Sub-Lieutenant - Mention in Despatches - RCNVR / HMS Lulworth
 - Awarded as per London Gazette of 13 October 1942 (no Canada Gazette).
  Lieutenant, RCNVR, when award announced.
UDELL. Frank Ernest Kane, 0-74670, S/Lt (Temp) [18.8.41] RCNVR
MID~[13.10.42]  Lt (Temp] [18.8.42]  Lt (Temp) [18.8.41]  Demob. [21.9.45]

      "Displayed great resource and determination as Gunnery Control Officer
      during the surface action with an Italian Submarine.  His orders were clear and
      his judgement accurate, and a considerable measure of the success of our gunnery
      was due to his direction."

                                          * * * * *

UNDERHILL, Richard Walter, Acting Paymaster Captain  -  Officer - Order of the British Empire
 (OBE) - RCNVR / Accountant Officer - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 16 June 1945
 and London Gazette of 14 June 1945.  Home:  Victoria, British Columbia.
  Born in Vancouver in 1907.
  His father was the first Medical Health Officer of the City of Vancouver.
  He joined the RCNVR Supplementary Reserve on 24 February 1938 in Vancouver
 and was called up on 3 August 1940 as Paymaster Lieutenant for training.
  Posted to the Vancouver Division RCNVR on 1 May 1941 as Accounting Officer.
  To Naval HQ on 28 August 1942 on pay staff.
  To HMCS York (Toronto) on 10 December 1942 as Command Accounting Officer
 for Commander Reserve Divisions.
  Promoted to Paymaster LCdr (Acting Pay Cdr) on 1 January 1943
 and Paymaster Commander on 1 January 1945.
  To Naval HQ on 8 January 1945 as Director of Pay and Accounting
 and made Acting Captain (S).
  Demobilized on 3 July 1946.
  Rejoined at HMCS Discovery (Naval Reserve) on 13 December 1946.
  To the retired list in late 1950.
  Civilian career as chartered accountant, Senior Partner
 for BC in Peat Marwick Mitchell.
  Was NOAC National President in 1951.
  President of Vancouver Art Gallery and Chairman of Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
  Died on 10 November 1994, age 87, on Bowen Island, British Columbia.
UNDERHILL. Richard Walter, 0-74690, RCNVR Vancouver, BC. Sup/Reserve [24.2.38] RCNVR
Paym/Lt(Temp) [3.8.40]
RCNVR Division, Vancouver, (1.5.41-?) Paym/LCdr(Temp) [1.1.43] A/Paym/Cdr(Temp),
Cdr(S) (Temp) [1.1.45  OBE~[16.6.45]  A/Capt(S) (Temp) (WHA) [?]
Demob. [3.7.46] Capt(S) [1.1.46] RCN(R)
HMCS DISCOVERY Vancouver Naval Division, (13.12.46-?)

      "This Officer, a Chartered Accountant by profession, joined the
      Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve in 1940, as a Lieutenant, at a time
      when Accountant Officers were urgently required.  He has worked most assiduously
      and tirelessly to further the interests of the Service.  His marked ability,
      initiative and zeal in instituting many methods for saving clerical labour and
      safe-guarding public interest have been invaluable."

    Medals of Paymaster Captain Richard Walter UNDERHILL, OBE, RCNVR:


              OBE - CVSM - 39/45 War Medal - EIIR Coronation.

                               * * * * *

                                  ' V '

VAILLANCOURT, John Anthony Roland, Chief Petty Officer Steward (40420)
 - British Empire Medal (BEM)
 - RCN - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 5 January 1946
 and London Gazette of 1 January 1946.
  Home:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  Served from 1935 to 1970, including HMCS Saguenay, HMCS Skeena, HMS Peregrine,
 HMS Puncher, HMCS Warrior, HMCS Magnificent and at Stadacona, Naval HQ, Donnacona.
  He retired as a Lieutenant (S).
  He was active in the Navy League, the HMCS Sackville restoration
 from 1982 to 1986 and the reunion.
He died on 2 January 1988, age 71, in Ottawa where he had just moved from Halifax.
VAILLANCOURT. John Anthony Roland, 0-74792, CPO/Stwd, 40420, RCN
BEM~[5.1.46] A/Cd/Ct [1.10.50] RCN,  HMCS MAGNIFICENT(21) CVL, (9.3.51-?)

      "This Rating's exemplary conduct, cheerfulness, bearing and devotion
      to duty have been a continued inspiration to his subordinates.  His energy
      and zeal to promote an efficient smooth-running organization have been of the
      highest order at all times."

                                    * * * * *

VAN DE WIEL, Viola Gertrude, Nursing Sister (Mrs)  -  Associate - Royal Red Cross (ARRC)
 - RCN (Temp) / RCN Hospitals in Halifax and Sydney
 - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 15 June 1946 and London Gazette of 14 June 1946.
   Home:  Toronto, Ontario.  Her maiden name was Miss Viola Gertrude COPP.

      "For outstanding service as a Nursing Sister in the Royal Canadian Navy
      Hospitals in Halifax and Sydney.  In the organization of a highly efficient course
      of practical nursing for Sick Berth Staff, she has contributed a high degree of
      professional ability and superlative leadership."

                                   * * * * *

VANDERHAEGAN, George Charles, Chief Petty Officer (3154) - Distinguished Service Medal
 (DSM) - RCN / HMCS Assiniboine - Awarded as per London Gazette of 14 June 1945. 
VANDERHAEGAN. George Charles, 3154, CPO, RCN, DSM~[14.6.45]
HMCS ATHABASKAN(219) DD, CPO 2, BEM~[6.2.54]

     "Chief Petty Officer Vanderhaegan was Director Layer
     in HMCS Assiniboine when U-210 was sunk."

The action in which HMCS Assiniboine (River Class Destroyer - D118) sank
U-210 on 6 August 1942 in the North Atlantic while protecting Convoy SC-94 is
described in Chapter 14 of "The Canadian Naval Chronicle 1939-1945".

Awarded British Empire Medal (BEM) as per Canada Gazette of 6 February 1954
as Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class for service in HMCS Athabaskan (II) in Korea.

                                   * * * * *

VEINOT, Frank, Acting Chief Shipwright (V­25798) - British Empire Medal (BEM)
 - RCNVR / Steel Repairs to Sea-Going Ships - Awarded as per Canada Gazette
 of 16 June 1945 and London Gazette of 14 June 1945.
  Home:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
VEINOT. Frank, V-25798, A/CPO / Shipw, RCNVR,  BEM~[16.6.45]

        "During the past two and a half years, this Rating has given valuable
 service in supervising the steel repairs to sea-going ships of all types,
 under difficult operating conditions, thus rendering considerable assistance
 to the maintenance of North Atlantic patrols.  He has, throughout his period
 of service, displayed the utmost zeal and cheerfulness, and has consistently
 proven to be an example to his fellow workers."
                                  * * * * *

VET, Jan, Chief Engine Room Artificer (M) (A­4266) - Mention in Despatches
 - RCNR ­ Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 9 January 1943
 and London Gazette of 1 January 1943.
VET. Jan, 0-75140, CPO/ERA(M) A-4266, RCNR
A/Wt(E)(Temp) [1.5.43] RCNR,
HMCS NORTON (W31)  462t tug, stand by (12.10.43-?)
HMCS BEAVERTON (W23) tug, stand by, (15.1.43-?)
HMCS BIRCHTON (W35) 462t, tug, stand by, (11.4.44-?)  Demobilzed [12.12.45]

     "Chief Engine Room Artificer Vet, while serving at sea in charge of
     machinery in one of His Majesty's Canadian Yachts, displayed initiative and
     resourcefulness of a very high order in effecting engine repairs under very
     strenuous conditions."

                                  * * * * *

VINCENT, James Wesley, Yeoman of Signals (V­7601) - Mention in Despatches
 - RCNVR / HMCS Napanee ­ Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 6 January 1945
 and London Gazette of 1 January 1945.
Home:  Toronto, Ontario.
HMCS Napanee was a Flower Class Corvette (K118).
VINCENT. James Wesley, V-7601, Ymn, RCNVR, MID~[6.1.45]

      "Throughout a total of thirty-two months service at sea during which
      period he was a survivor from HMCS Charlottetown, he has continually received
      excellent recommendations for good service and devotion to duty.  His loyalty
      and zeal during his service in HMCS Napanee contributed in a high degree to the
      efficiency of this department and he has been a fine example to the Ship's Company
      as a whole."

HMCS Charlottetown (Revised Flower Class Corvette - K244) was sunk by U-517
on 11 September 1942 in the St. Lawrence River.

                                  * * * * *

VIRTUE, Reid Howard, Acting Able Seaman (V­65076) - Mention in Despatches - RCNVR
 ­ Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 21 April 1945 and London Gazette of 20 March 1945.
Home:  Bowmanville, Ontario.
VIRTUE. Reid Howard, V-65076, A/AB, RCNVR,  MID~[21.4.45]

      "For outstanding skill, courage and zeal in Anti-U-Boat operations
      while serving in H.M. Canadian Ships Annan and Saint John."
          (London Gazette has HMCS St. John)

                                  * * * * *

VLACHOS, Theodore Harry, Telegraphist (SO) (V­54941) - British Empire Medal (BEM)
 - RCNVR / Harbour Grace Special Wireless Telegraphy Station
 - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 5 January 1946 and London Gazette of 1 January 1946.
Home:  Caledonia, Ontario.
               While at high school in Caledonia, Ontario Ted was taught wireless by the Army.
This training greatly assisted him after joining the Navy in 1942 at HMCS Star
 in Hamilton, Ontario and once transferred to Naval Head Quarters in Ottawa
 where they were learning to track German subs. 

His course was 2 weeks behind and he was unable to go to the wireless station based in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland as scheduled. He was most fortunate because the ship taking the forces there was sunk by a German sub and 132 people were lost.

Ted went to the Gander Airport in Newfoundland to help keep track of the bombers going to England who were getting lost. They monitored subs in their spare time. He eventually was transferred to Harbour Grace and spent the next two years helping "catch and sink subs faster than the Germans could build them". This was a crucial posting that resulted in useful information being provided to the Navy and armed forces leading to the successful locating and destroying of numerous enemy submarines.

He returned home in the spring of 1945 to operate the family restaurant business for his ill father while he recuperated. The Germans surrendered in May 1945 followed by the Japanese and Ted was discharged. He returned to Newfoundland and married his sweetheart Grace Anita Parsons.

Ted had a long work history involving initially the restaurant and candy making business. He and his family including children Harry and Valerie moved to Guelph, Ontario where he operated a variety store. He moved on to have a successful sales career with Sears Canada and later managed a Home Hardware store in Brantford, Ontario. He retired in 1992 from Roots Home Hardware in Guelph. Ted and his wife relocated to the Niagara Falls, Ontario area where they still reside.

Ted is very proud of his two children. Valerie is an Office Manager living in Burlington, Ontario and Harry is a Business Consultant who resides with his wife Sheila in Peterborough, Ontario. Ted has one granddaughter Brooke who is a graduate of the Food and Hospitality Program at the University of Guelph.

Ted Vlachos remains a loyal Canadian who served his country with dedication, determination and honour. He sincerely appreciates the special recognition including the British Empire Medal bestowed upon him at the conclusion of the war.

Medals:  British Empire Medal - Defence Medal - CVSM and clasp - 1939/45 War Medal.
VLACHOS. Theodore Harry, V-54941, Tele(SO), RCNVR, BEM~[5.1.46]

      "This Rating, who was employed at the Harbour Grace Special Wireless
      Telegraphy Station, was a keen and conscientious operator, whose hard work
      greatly improved the Station's overall efficiency and served as a fine example
      for the less experienced operators.  Through his outstanding efforts, Naval
      Service Headquarters was furnished with valuable information which helped
      keep track of the U-Boats and hasten the war to an end."



                          * * * * *

VODDEN, Edward George, Acting Petty Officer (V­71909) - Mention in Despatches
 - RCNVR ­ Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 6 January 1945
 and London Gazette of 1 January 1945.
Home:  Chilliwack, British Columbia.
VODDEN. Edward George, V-71909, A/PO, RCNVR, MID~[6.1.45]

      "While serving for many months in His Majesty's Canadian Corvettes
      in the North Atlantic, he has constantly shown himself capable of carrying
      heavy responsibility, and by his zeal, enthusiasm and devotion to duty, he
      has set an inspiring example."

                                  * * * * *

VON ZUBEN, Adolph, Steward (V­45167) - Mention in Despatches - RCNVR
 ­ Awarded as per London Gazette of 1 January 1945 (no Canada Gazette).
  Home:  Toronto, Ontario.
VON ZUBEN. Adolph, V-45167, Stwd, RCNVR, MID~[1.1.45]

      "For gallantry or outstanding service in the face of the enemy or for
      zeal, patience and cheerfulness in dangerous waters and for setting an example
      of wholehearted devotion to duty, upholding the high traditions of the Royal
      Canadian Navy."        New Years List (Admiralty) A.F.O. 239/45.

                                 * * * * *