Awards to the Royal Canadian Navy 


Awards to the ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY in 1935



OBE (Military)


CG DATE NAME RANK SHIP / SERVICE DECORATIONS_____________________________________________

10/08/35 AGNEW, Ronald Ian Commander CO HMCS Saguenay RCN OBE







MBE (Military)


CG DATE NAME RANK SERVICE DECORATIONS___________________________________________


10/08/35 HORNE, John George Buckner Commissioned Officer RCN MBE







BEM (Military)


CG DATE NAME RANK SERVICE DECORATIONS____________________________________________


26/01/35 HILL, Charles James Thurgill Chief Petty Officer RCN BEM









KCMG Awarded to a Canadian with a Naval Connection (1933)


CG DATE NAME RANK SERVICE DECORATIONS____________________________________________


02/01/33+ de CHAIR, Dudley Lawson Stratford Admiral RN KCB KCMG MVO








FOREIGN AWARD to a Canadian in the RN (1937)



ORDER of BRILLIANT JADE (Red Cravat with Blue & White Border)


LG+ DATE NAME RANK SERVICE DECORATIONS_______________________________________


04/06/37+ BAILLIE-GROHMAN, Harold Tom Captain RN (CB) DSO OBE








AGNEW, Ronald Ian, Commander - RCN / HMCS Saguenay - Officer - Order of the British Empire (OBE) (First Type - Military) - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 10 August 1935.

Born in Toronto on 6 June 1895. Home: 1028 Linden Avenue, Victoria, B.C.

Naval Cadet RCN 1 January 1911 and joined the Royal Naval College of Canada (First Term) in 1911.

Promoted Midshipman RCN 15 January 1913.

Posted to HMCS Niobe in 1914.

To Naval Service HQ in 1914.

To Diana (for duty at NSHQ) 1915.

To Margaret 1915.

To HMCS Canada 1915.

To Grilse as Executive Officer 1915.

To HMCS Niobe in 1915 and to HMS Drake 1916.

HMS Manners 1916.

To HMS Princess Royal 1917.

To HMS Pegasus (Aircraft Carrier) 1919.

Served in North Russia Relief Force (Bolshevik Revolution) in 1919.

To HMS President 1919.

To HMS Dryad For Navigation Course and for Duty and Royal Naval College 1920.

To HMCS Patriot as First Lieutenant; to HMCS Aurora as Navigation Officer 1920.

HMS Guelph as Additional to NSHQ in 1921.

To NSHQ as District Intelligence Officer in 1923.

Flag Lieutenant to Commodore Hose at Imperial Conference in 1923.

HMS Repulse (Special Service Squadron) as Assistant Navigating Officer 1924.

To HMS Hood as Assistant Navigating Officer 1924.

HMS Dryad (For First Class Ship Course) 1925.

HMS Weymouth as Navigating Officer 1925.

To HMS Champion 1926.

Commanding Officer of HMCS Vancouver (I) from 1 March 1928 to 14 August 1928.

Royal Naval Staff Course 1930.

HMS Renown as Additional and as Staff Officer (Operations) in 1931.

Commander of HMCS Naden and Senior Naval Officer Esquimalt in 24 June 1931.

To NSHQ as Naval Staff Officer 27 May 1932.

Commanding Officer of HMCS Saguenay (River Class Destroyer - D179) from 3 May 1934 to 5 May 1936 and as Commander (D) Eastern Division in 1934 to 1936.

Captain (D) Canadian Division for exercises 1 May 1935 and 2 May 1936.

Awarded Officer - Order of the British Empire in 1935.

Named Honorary AdC to Governor-General 1936.

To Stadacona as Commander RCN Barracks Halifax 1936.

Commander-in-Charge RCN Barracks Naden in 1938.

Commanding Officer of HMCS Prince Henry (Armed Merchant Cruiser - F70) from 4 December 1940 to 19 December 1941.

In 1942, on promotion to Captain, was the Captain Commanding Canadian Ships and Establishments in United Kingdom (HMCS Niobe).

Commanding Officer of HMS Atheling in 1943. Awarded an MID in 1943.

To Naden in Temporary Command 1945.

Promoted Commodore and made Naval Member Canadian Joint Staff Washington 1946.

Senior Canadian Liaison Officer London and Commanding Office Niobe 1947.

Died 22 March 1949 at London while serving in U.K.

Buried at sea from HMS Finisterre.

Mention in Despatches - RCN / HMCS Prince Henry - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 9 January 1943 and London Gazette of 1 January 1943.

Naval Cadet, RCN 01 January 1911 (Royal Naval College of Canada First Term)

Midshipman, RCN 15 January 1913 (Served aboard HMCS Niobe)

Acting Sub-Lieutenant, RCN 26 November 1915 (Served aboard HMCS Canada)

Sub-Lieutenant, RCN 02 December 1916 (With seniority dated 1 December 1915);

Acting Lieutenant, RCN 15 February 1917 (Served on HMS Pegasus Aircraft Carrier)

Lieutenant, RCN 15 July 1917 (Served in North Russia Relief Force)

Lieutenant-Commander, RCN 15 March 1925 (Commanding Officer of HMCS Vancouver)

Commander, RCN 01 January1930 (Commanding Officer of HMCS Saguenay)

Acting Captain, RCN 18 January1935 (Commander (D) Eastern Division)

Awarded OBE 10 August 1935 (Only OBE to RCN between wars)

Captain, RCN 01 July 1941 (Captain Commanding Cdn Ships & Establishments U.K)

Acting Commodore (WHA), RCN 15 March 1946 (WHA = While Holding Appointment)

Commodore, RCN 01 July 1947 (Naval Member Canadian Joint Staff Washington)

Died 22 March 1949 (While Commanding Office Niobe London)

"Commander Agnew has been a member of the Royal Canadian Navy since 1911, currently commanding HMCS Saguenay and Senior Officer Afloat in Halifax for continuous good service in the Royal Canadian Navy."

* * * * *



HORNE, John George Buckner, Commissioned Victually Officer - Member - Order of the British Empire (MBE) - RCN - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 10 August 1935. Joined Royal Navy. Loaned to the RCN in 1910 and formally transferred to the RCN in 1917. Serving in Esquimalt in 1935.

"Honoured for long and faithful service in the Royal Navy and Royal Canadian Navy."



* * * * *



HILL, Charles James Thurgill, Chief Petty Officer - British Empire Medal (BEM) - RCN - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 26 January 1935. Awarded the RCN Long Service and Good Conduct Medal on 20 September 1927.

"Honoured for long and faithful service in the Royal Canadian Navy."


* * * * *





BAILLIE-GROHMAN, Harold Tom, Captain, DSO, OBE - Order of Brilliant Jade (Red Cravat with Blue & White Border) (Republic of China) - Royal Navy - Awarded as per London Gazette of 4 June 1937 (no Canada Gazette).

Born in Victoria, B.C.

He joined the Royal Navy (HMS Britannia) in 1903.

Promoted to Lt (1909), LCdr (1917), Captain (1930); Rear-Admiral (1941) and Vice-Admiral (1943).

Served in WW1 in the Grand Fleet, in Dover Patrol in destroyers and minesweepers and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) as per London Gazette of 17 April 1918.

Captain Baillie-Grohman was a member of the British Naval Mission to China 1931-33.

Commanding Officer of HMS Ramillies, 1st Battle Squadron, Mediterranean in 1940 and was later attached to the GOC Middle East. He was chiefly responsible for shore to ship arrangements for the evacuation of British Forces from Greece in 1941 and was awarded the CB.

He was Rear-Admiral Combined Operations, 1942 and involved in the initial plans for the Dieppe raid.

On 8 May 1945, Vice-Admiral Baillie-Grohman hoisted the White Ensign over the German Naval HQ, Kiel.

Cadet, Royal Navy 1903 (HMS Britannia)

Lieutenant, Royal Navy 1909

Lieutenant-Commander, Royal Navy 1917 (Dover Patrol in destroyers and minesweepers)

Captain, Royal Navy 1930 (British Naval Mission to China)

Rear-Admiral, Royal Navy 1941 (Evacuation of British Forces from Greece)

Vice-Admiral, Royal Navy 1943


"Conferred by the President of the National Government of the Republic of China in recognition of valuable services rendered by him as an Instructor in the Chinese Navy"



* * * * *



de CHAIR, Dudley Lawson Stratford, Admiral, Sir, KCB MVO - Knight Commander - The Order of St. Michael and St. George (KCMG) - Royal Navy / Governor New South Wales - Awarded as per London Gazette of 2 January 1933 (no Canada Gazette).

Born: Lennoxville, Quebec.

Commanding Officer of HMS Cochrane when awarded MVO.

He was President of the Interallied Naval Commission for the disposal of enemy vessels in 1922.

In 1923, he was made Governor of New South Wales a post he held until 1930.

He was awarded the KCMG in 1933 for this term as Governor of New South Wales.

Captain, Royal Navy 1902

Rear-Admiral, Royal Navy 1912

Vice-Admiral, Royal Navy 1917

Admiral, Royal Navy 1920





MEMBER - ROYAL VICTORIAN ORDER (4th Class) (MVO) - LG 16/06/08



KCB - KCMG - CB (civil) - MVO (4th) - Egypt Medal with clasp ALEXANDRIA - 1914/15 Star - British War Medal - Victory Medal with MID - Queen Victoria - Diamond Jubilee Medal - King George V Coronation Medal - Chevalier Legion d'Honour France - Distinguished Service Medal (USA) - Khedives Star 1882.

His medals were stolen from St. Osyth's Priority, England in April 1986

* * * * *